Feb 3 – Feb 9


This week has mainly been research based and some work related Studio CreaTec. Read an article “Braille inspired design for the blind” – Maria Popova. Her article focuses on a design that enriches the day to day lives of a blind but her main focus is that most of the ideas that is brought to the table never crosses the concept stage. And if a design is to become a real changing agent in the world, it has to go past the conceptual phase.

Watched “Exit through the gift shop” by Thierry Guetta. It is a documentary about street art and mainly focuses on his attempt to locate and befriend one of the top artist, Bansky. The film contains footage of artists like Banksy, Invader, Shepard Fairey, and many other world’s most infamous street artists. The provocative exploration of what constitutes an art, the creative process and the message it puts across is quite different from the virtual designs we are used to seeing. It is a completely different culture of art.

Read an article: Thinking like an App Designer by Javier Cuello


Jan 27 – Feb 2


Finally getting some hang of MFA now that i’m few weeks into it. Feeling a lot comfortable on how it works. Did some brainstorming on some research ideas and came up with two that i liked best. Graphic Designing for the illiterates and for the blind. These ideas mainly focuses on helping individuals that are less fortunates. The idea of coming up with products that could enhance people’s lives is quite interesting. Actually, i got inspired by the videos i watched from AIGA conference.

Videos i watched:

  1. Designing the Impossible: Nelly Ben Hayoun
  2. What I’ve Learned: Michael Bierut
  3. Redesigning the Future: Sevra Davis
  4. Back to the Beginning: Keetra Dean Dixon
  5. Let the Unknown Influence You: Emmi Salonen

Another video that was quite interesting was Objectified, it is a documentary about a relationship between products and the designer. It discusses about the thinking and the processes that goes behind a designing a product. I highly recommend people who haven’t seen this already.

Link to video

You’ll never look at your next toothbrush (or your next any product) in quite the same way after watching this astute, elegant inquiry into the purpose and process of industrial design.Entertainment Weekly

Jan 19 – Jan 26


I had a long/hectic week to take care of my college issues. I had a hold from 2 years ago which was not letting me register for classes. Finally got that taken care of yesterday. Over the weekend i had a family come over for dinner so that was nice. Saw them after a year. A little time off of college stress. Watched couple of movies, along with guns, germs and steel.