Dhimay: Drum of Newars

Just an attempt to introduce a sample, dressed with typical traditional clothes of home town with background of local temple where Newars originally play it in the name of God.

The drum (Dhimay) is rather big compared to other drums played by the Newar. The size of this instrument varies from diameter of 40 inches to 51 inches and length of 17 inches to 21 inches.[1] The shell of the drum is made of wood or metal. Sometimes wooden drums are partly covered with metal foil. The shape of old Dhimay drums is mostly irregular, formed by the natural shape of the piece of wood being used to make the drum body (see image at the mimo-db). Modern drums are either cylindrical or slightly barrel-shaped. Both heads are made of goat skin. On the inside of the left membrane, called Mankhah (Haima in Bhaktapur)[2] a red tuning paste (similar in function to the Syahi) is applicated, providing a deep sound.

The left side (Mankhah) is played directly by hand playing either at the upper part of the membrane (ghe), producing a long resonating sound, or a downward stroke (kha), producing a sharp crisp sound. The right membrane, called Nasah, is played with a thin stick, made of cane, which is normally curved at one end. In addition to this three basic strokes a fourth type of stroke(dha) is played, combining the low resonating sound of the left hand i.e. on upper part and the stroke of the right hand.


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