Understand color blindness

Why all designers need to understand color blindness?

Given the question of how to deal with color blindness in graphic design, many people would be tempted to give a brusque answer: “Choose a different profession.”

As any professional designer should understand, it’s not that simple. Even if you (a designer) are not color blind, over 8% of your male clients are likely to be, as are 8% of their male target markets (color blindness is rarer in females — more like 0.5%). If your design work is unsightly or hard to read for this substantial group, you’ve made a pretty huge mistake.

And say you want to design but do happen to be color blind? Not a big deal. Learn a few tricks and you’ll be fine.

In this post, we’ll give pointers for non-color blind designers on how to consider a color blind audience, and tips for color blind designers on how to keep your colors straight.



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